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In addition to our standard sponsorship offerings you also get: Platinum
Your company’s full-color logo on the conference homepage
Your company's full-color logo on the cover of the 2017 Show Guide
Deluxe signage with your company’s full-color logo placed in strategic conference locations
Premium recognition on large video screens in advance of every General Session
Prominent logo position on all direct mail pieces and print ads
Extra priority points for on-site booth pick for the 2018 show
eBooth listing upgrade Ultimate Listing Premium Listing
Premium Pass(es) for your organization’s employees — each valued at $1,645.00! 2 passes 1 pass
Buyer passes for you to invite your best qualified customers to attend as full conference attendees — each valued you $1,645.00! 5 passes 3 passes
FREE Ticket(s) to Human Resource Executive®’s HR Executive of the Year Black Tie Award Dinner 2 tickets 1 ticket
Full-page, full-color ad in the 2017 Show Guide — each valued at $1,500.00!  
Rotating 300 (w) x 250 (h) banner ad on the conference homepage  
Banner ad in one of Human Resource Executive®’s e-newsletters  
Unlimited staff passes for your booth  
1 pre-show email blast to all registered attendees with your
provided HTML
Enhance your exposure with a conference sponsorship!

Along with increased visibility and the benefits specific to the sponsorship you choose, conference sponsorships also give you:

  • Recognition on the cover of more than 500,000 conference brochures if reserved by the June 19, 2017, plus in all print ads and on the conference website before, during and after the show
  • Professionally produced signs with your company’s full-color logo placed in strategic conference locations
  • Recognition on large video screens in advance of every General Session
  • Your company’s full color logo prominently displayed in the event Show Guide
  • A FREE mailing list of pre-registered attendees for one-time postal use — enabling you to drive traffic to your booth before the show even begins
  • Extra priority points for on-site booth selection for the 2018 event
2017 Conference Sponsorships
Click on the sponsorship title below for description.

Networking Social $12,000

This reception held on Wednesday evening is the perfect opportunity to stand out as a premier business in the industry and to have in-person contact with attendees. You may choose to enhance the event with additional branding, and this is the only opportunity where you may market in the Expo outside of your booth space. Your team will be permitted to greet attendees in the food and beverage area. You’ll be listed as the sponsor of this event on the agenda, the website and via email.

Mobile App $10,000

Be the exclusive sponsor of the official app for the conferences and be at the attendees' fingertips before, during and after the events as they use the app for all the session and exhibitor information. Your company will be prominently recognized with your full-color logo integrated into the app — giving you several months of prime exposure!

Solution Provider Session
- only 6 available!

This is your opportunity to deliver the content you want our attendees to hear. You choose the topic and provide the content and speaker; we’ll take care of promoting it to registered and potential attendees. The session will be advertised in the two non-dedicated emails to registered attendees before the conference, on the conference website, and in the Show Guide, Mobile App and the conference brochure if reserved and details supplied before the print date. It all amounts to targeted exposure for your company before and during the show. Session topic and content must be reviewed and approved by the conference chair.

Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

You pick the color of the lid and bottle and we’ll place your one-color logo along with the conference logos on re-usable infuser water bottles given to Premium Pass registrants when they check-in. Then, we’ll provide signage to instruct attendees to visit your booth to fill their bottles with fresh cool water and infuse it with fruit you provide. You’ll maintain high visibility even after the conference as attendees carry this in-demand item wherever they go.

Attendee Bags $7,000

Each Premium Pass registrant receives a top quality bag, which you choose from a selection of designs, that is imprinted with your two-color logo and the conference logo. This sponsorship provides great exposure long after the event has ended as attendees take the bags home to use.

Charging Station $6,500

Your branding will be prominently displayed on a centrally located charging station used by attendees to charge their devices. Plus, you can increase your exposure by providing a video to play on the station's LCD screen.

Badge Lanyards - SOLD $5,500

This always on display item is a high visibility opportunity to increase attendees’ awareness of your company at the show. We reproduce your logo on double-sided lanyards that attendees use to hold their name badges.

Lunch in Expo
$5,500 each

Just about every attendee comes to lunch in the Expo. We'll supply signage with your company’s full-color logo recognizing you as the sponsor. Further your exposure by providing napkins and/or cups with your company's logo.

Registration Area $5,000

Your company's logo will be one of the first things attendees see as we include your full-color logo on the kick panels of the registration units as well as on a backdrop behind where they pick up their credentials — giving you the first big visibility of any company participating in the event.

Continental Breakfasts
$5,000 each

Get the attendees off to a great start — and get them thinking about your company first thing in the morning. Each breakfast will feature your company's logo prominently displayed on professionally produced signs near the food and beverage stations. Plus, your company will be recognized as the sponsor in a tweet sent out that morning. Send us napkins and cups with your logo to increase your visibility! Plus, get 4 passes for your booth staff to attend the breakfast.

Badges $4,500

Have a new product to announce? A reliable brand to draw attention to? A great booth promotion? Put every attendee badge to work for you! We'll give your logo prominent placement on the front of every name badge. Double your exposure by providing 4.25" x 5.47" artwork for the back of each badge — your ad shows through each badge’s clear protective cover, drawing the eyes of every attendee to your custom message.

Expo Hall Aisle Signs $4,500

We'll incorporate your company's logo with the show logo on full-color aisle signs drop down aisle signs in the Expo Hall. This year's floor plan guarantees a minimum of 8 back-to-back signs — a great way to get your company in front of attendees no matter where they are in the Expo.

Refreshment Breaks
Wednesday AM
Wednesday PM
Thursday AM
$3,500 each

Attendees will be sure to thank you for providing a well-deserved break between sessions. We'll produce and prominently display signs with your logo at several food and beverage stations in the Expo Hall. Plus, your company will be recognized as the break sponsor in a tweet sent out right before the break. Further your exposure by providing cups and napkins with your logo as well as promotional material at the tables.

Schedule of Events

Your marketing message will be prominently featured when you provide your 7.5" (w) x 2" (h) full-color ad to be included on the flyer listing the next day’s schedule, which will be delivered each evening to attendees’ guest rooms at the official conference hotels. Be the first brand attendees see as they plan their day.



Exhibitor Lounge $3,000

Are you marketing to the exhibitors? If so, then this is the sponsorship for you. We’ll supply a 22"(w) x 28"(h) sign featuring your company’s full-color logo so exhibitors can’t miss this lounge stocked with beverages and snacks. Be sure to bring literature that exhibitors can browse through as they take a break from the Expo floor.

Online Program Materials $3,000

Sponsor the program materials that are made available online up to 6 months after the event, giving you long-term exposure. We'll print and distribute to attendees a full-color insert featuring your company's logo and the password to access all the materials. Plus, supply your interstitial ad, and it will run each time attendees access the online program materials.

Registration Pens $3,000

Have your branded pens be the only ones used at registration! Just supply the pens and you’ll gain early and continued exposure to attendees at check-in and as they carry your branded pens with them throughout the conferences.

Session Notepads $3,000

We'll place the notepads you provide with attendee materials and on tables at the entrance to each General Session and each session room throughout the event. Attendees will use them to take notes during sessions and won't be able to miss your marketing message as they write!

2017 On-Site Branding Sponsorships
Branding sponsors receive the same deliverables as conference sponsors except for Pre-Show Mailing List.
Click on the branding sponsorship title below for description.

Escalator Side Clings $15,000/escalator

With this sponsorship, attendees are sure to see your message as they make their way to and from the conference. With your full-color artwork, we'll produce large clings for one escalator and attach them to the sides. Attendees can't miss your company's message each time they use, or even just pass by, the escalator. 2 escalators available.

Expo Hall Carpet Decals $4,000

Eye-catching and hard to miss! Place your artwork strategically on the main walkways of the Expo Hall. We'll adhere six of your decals (approximately 4' x 4') to the Expo's carpeted aisles in high-traffic areas. A great way to reach attendees as they tour the hall. You provide the artwork and we'll do the rest.

Hotel Guest Room Flyer Drop $4,000 each

You provide the flyer which will be delivered to every attendee's hotel room on Tuesday or Wednesday evening. What a great way to greet our guests — and guarantee they'll have your company in mind when they hit the show floor. Want to add a gift? We'll deliver that too — call for details and rates.

Double-Sided Meter Board $3,500

Your company's message will truly be on display with this 38.5" (w) x 93" (h) double-sided sign. Placed in a key high-traffic location, this sign is sure to draw attendees to your company’s booth.

General Session Flyer Drop $3,000 each

Almost every attendee comes to the General Sessions, making them the perfect opportunity to share your message. You provide the flyer and we'll place it at each of the attendees' tables before your chosen session begins. 4 opportunities available.

LCD Screens Call for pricing & availability
Lighted Signs Call for pricing & availability
Hanging Banners Call for pricing & availability
Window Clings Call for pricing & availability

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